Syrian Christians for Democracy (SCD) is a civil society group that was organized at the outset of the protest movement in Syria to provide crises relief and advocate for fundamental human rights, dignity, and the rule of law.  Our platform aims to represent the majority of Syrian Christians who, along with the silent majority of Syrians, long for and support Syria’s transformation to a civil society based on genuine democratic values, equal opportunities and freedoms for all Syrians to participate fully in education, civic, economic, religious, and cultural life.

During the current humanitarian suffering and destruction resulting from the armed warfare now underway, our resolve is to support aid and healing projects for the benefit of all Syrians.  Our network is especially capable of reaching Christian communities that have become increasingly political or ideological targets of violence and kidnappings by extremists on both sides.  We aim to increase awareness that, during the current conflict, Syrian Christians are often being used as pawns and instruments for political gains or ideological hatred.

We advocate an immediate cessation of violence in all its forms, including: release of the arbitrarily and politically detained; immediate and full humanitarian access to all areas; and a political transition led by a transitional governing body formed on the basis of mutual consent by the opposition and the present government.

Our goal is to champion roles of reconciliation, economic development, and the building of a new Syria.  Our mission and projects aim to reinforce the historical and the patriotic role of Syrian Christians as comprising part of the inseparable fabric of Syrian society. We cherish our common citizenship and unity with all of our fellow Syrians.

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